Julie Andrews sharing the story of how she started writing children’s books.

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Chuck+Sarah vs the Youtube Playlist

When she’s nervous she checks in some out of town motel
What she screams in her pillow,
She’ll never tell.


when fandoms collide: a various collection of parallels


  1. Psych
    In the pilot, James Roday improvised by picking up a pineapple and saying, “Should I slice this up for the road?”  There has been a pineapple, or a picture/symbol of one, in very nearly every single episode of Psych since.  It’s on a lot of merchandise, and is even kind of a logo for the show.  Once Shawn tried to make a pineapple upside-down cake and said, “Are you a fan of delicious flavor?” which is now a phrase associated with the whole pineapple thing.
  2. How I Met Your Mother
    In season 1, Ted wakes up hungover to an unknown girl in his bed, a pineapple on the nightstand, a sprained ankle, and a burnt coat, with no memory of his drunken adventure last night.  All of these strange happenings were explained in the episode, but the pineapple remained a mystery for the rest of the series, even with Ted’s attempt at sleuthing.  Fans are still annoyed it wasn’t answered.
  3. Chuck
    In Chuck vs The Nemesis, Buy More is preparing for the madness of Black Friday shoppers, and the employees learn that they are to use the word “pineapple” in the worst of all situations (otherwise never) to start a storewide emergency evacuation.  On Black Friday, when a bad guy comes in and is forcing Chuck (secret spy/supercomputer) with a gun to walk across the store, an employee comes up to Chuck with a problem with the registers; the bad guy says he’ll kill the employee if Chuck says more than one word to him.  Chuck utters, “Pineapple.” Videos make this easier to picture, haha [1] [2]




5x04 - Chuck Versus the Business Trip


Morgan, what sort of hand-to-hand combat class did you sign us up for? Strip Kick.